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Seizo Tashima
Born in 1940. Spent childhood in Kochi. Graduated from the Department of Painting, Tama Art University. Made a picture book "Shibaten" during college years, later published by Kaisei-sha in 1971. Winner of many awards such as the BIB Golden Apple Award (1969) with "Chikara Taro" (Popular), Kodansha Shuppan Bunka Award (1974) with "Fukimanbuku" (Kaisei-sha), Ehon Nippon Award (1988), Shogakukan Kaiga Award (1989), and was recommended at Exhibision at Bologna International Childrens Publication with "Fly high! Grasshopper" (Kaisei-sha), Special Award of the Poster's Exhibision for sightseeing in Japan, and so on. Resides in Shizuoka.
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