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Yukihiko Tajima
Born at Sakai, Osaka in 1940. Graduated Dyeing Design Course of Kyoto City University of Arts in 1963. Since 1963 until today has held many exhibitions of his own work in numerous Japanese cities. Winner of the prize of new painter and printer in Kyoto, 1975. Started to publish picture books by dyeing technic from 1976. His main picturebooks are "Jigoku no Sobe", "Gion Matsuri" and so on. Been held "The Exhibition of Yukihiko & Seizo Tajima" with his brother Seizo Tashima at Niigata Art Museum, Niigata, in 1988. Published "Funsenki (The Works of Yukihiko Tajima)" at 1995. The member of Japan Printer's Association.
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